PLAY Kortrijk commissioned a new monumentally scaled participatory public sculpture by Jennifer Rubell. Bed, positioned in the Grote Markt, the center of Kortrijk, Belgium, as an enormous minimalist intervention in the historic town square, is framed by City Hall, a 14th Century belfry, and the cafes and markets than define Kortrijk’s public life. Children and adults alike can enter the sculpture and jump on it, 50 participants at a time. Bed is a continuation of Rubell’s exploration of the art object as an opportunity for transgression and delight. It is a public monument to the permissiveness of parental love and compassion; to joy shared across ages, cultures and classes; and to domestic feeling as a human achievement worthy of memorialization.

The exhibition is a citywide parcours that takes over the center of Kortrijk with contemporary artworks curated by Hilde Teerlinck, General Director for the Han Nefkens Foundation and Patrick Ronse, Artistic Director and Coördinator for Be-Part.