Not Alone

Created during the three years following the birth of Rubell's second child, the works in the exhibition are unapologetically vulnerable and yet rooted firmly in a wider feminist artistic practice. Drawing strong parallels between art-making and motherhood, the art object becomes indistinguishable in its neediness from the dependent child; the viewer becomes caretaker, companion and witness. 

‘Us', a hand-blown glass sculpture of a newborn baby is passed directly from one visitor to another. The artist trusts the viewer to take personal responsibility for the sculpture, using the viewer's physical and emotional attachment to complete the work. The sculpture is more physically legible through touch than through sight. In the following gallery space is 'Forever', an interactive installation which invites a more sombre engagement and reflective meditation on themes of solitude and parenthood.

Punctuating the next space is an installation which connects to Rubell's widely known food and performance practice. In ‘Them', the audience can help themselves to hard boiled eggs and season them using salt and pepper shakers from Rubell's personal collection. Each pairing represents a different form of companionship: a mouse and cheese; a bride and groom; a drunkard and bottle. This playful but thought-provoking work resonates in its exploration of nourishment, conception and interdependency.