Just Right
December 1-5, 2010

Just Right is an interactive food installation that addresses the question, What if Goldilocks were an artist? The focus is on one element in particular: the fact that Goldilocks – trespasser, interloper, thief – assumes the authority to determine the perfect form of everything she encounters, one of the defining strategies of the contemporary artist. Located in a derelict house just behind the RFC, Just Right is accessible only through a hole broken through the back wall of the Collection’s courtyard, where the only indication that there is a piece beyond is the wall label naming it. Through the hole, then through an overgrown courtyard with an imposing mango tree, viewers arrive at the abandoned-looking house. Inside, there are pedestals with hundreds of bowls; spoons; 36 crockpots containing porridge; thousands of packages of Sun Maid raisins; and thousands of packages of Sugar in the Raw. Two standard refrigerators contain cartons of milk. There are no options: the temperature of the porridge, the size of the bowl, the shape of the spoon, are all specifically chosen. They are all just right. Viewers are welcome to eat the porridge, with brown sugar, raisins and milk.


 Photos by Kevin Tachman