The de Pury Diptych
June 21, 2010

Participants enter the Saatchi Gallery and are directed to the 2nd floor. At the back of this level, Simon and Michaela de Pury are enclosed in two small, separate glass-fronted rooms, each getting dressed.  Simon shaves.  Michaela gets a massage. In the two large galleries on Michaela's side, there is a pedestal of champagne flutes and champagne; and a stainless steel pedestal covered in crushed ice, lemon halves and oysters. In the two large galleries on Simon's side, there is a plywood pedestal of knives and pickles, with 100 dried sausages hanging down from above; and a plywood pedestal of beer glasses and taps dispensing beer. At precisely 8pm, Simon breaks the glass front of his room with a hammer, then goes over to Michaela's room and breaks into it.  They walk down to a balcony, drink a glass of champagne, and toss their glasses over the rail into a false gallery built into the gallery below.  All participants follow suit, breaking 3,600 glasses in all. As participants walk downstairs, they see through plexiglass the glasses falling into the false gallery and breaking. On the first floor, arranged in a grid are 69 full-size mattresses, made up sloppily with white sheets, loosely referencing Tracey Emin's My Bed. Silver platters of bloody roast beef, beets, big salads, potatoes, asparagus are divided among the beds. Next to each bed are a few bottles of wine and water; a few cases of Jack Daniel’s at others; glasses in their cartons, forks, knives; paper towels. Downstairs on the ground floor there are 100 cakes from 100 bakeries in London, each costing approximately 100 GBP. The purveyors range from from small ethnic bakeries to posh organic artisanal shops, forming a conceptual portrait in wedding cake of the city of London.


 Photos by Kevin Tachman and Stephen White