February 8 - March 5, 2011

Engagement, a solo show at Stephen Friedman Gallery in London, is based on the November 2010 engagement announcement of Prince William and Kate Middleton at St. James's Palace. It consists of an interactive sculpture and a new series of drinking paintings. In the front gallery is Engagement (with Prince William Sculpted by Daniel Druet), a minutely detailed life-sized wax sculpture of Prince William placed off-center on a low white pedestal in the pose he struck at the engagement announcement. On his sleeve is a precise replica of the engagement ring (which Prince Charles had previously given to Princess Diana), attached where Kate's ring finger would normally be. Viewers are encouraged to mount the pedestal, slide their arms through William's, and slip into the ring. In the back gallery is a new series of drinking paintings, raw canvas with a single spigot in the center dispensing spirits associated with the British Empire: port, sherry, madeira, gin and rum. The size of the drinking paintings is based on the portrait hanging above William and Kate when they made their announcement, Sir Martin Archer Shee's 1833 coronation portrait of William IV. Next to each painting is a paper cup dispenser, and viewers are encouraged to help themselves. // Stephen Friedman Gallery 25-28 Old Burlington Street W1S 3AN London


 Photos by Stephen White