So Sorry


A one-time interactive food performance commissioned by The Power Plant, in collaboration with Bertrand Alépée, Winsome Brown, Grant van Gameren and Sam James.

So Sorry is a site-specific work created for Power Ball XVII, based on the phrase Rubell heard incessantly on her first visits to Toronto for the project. For Rubell, this phrase encapsulates a particularly Canadian attentiveness to the feelings of others.

In So Sorry, viewers are pulled between competing desires and obligations, finding pleasure, intimacy, sustenance, human contact, hysteria, and sensual engagement in every direction.  Viewers cannot possibly give their full attention to anything or anyone. So Sorry is both the apology and the thing to apologize for.  

The work at once centres around and completely undermines, Winsome Brown’s new solo play This is Mary Brown with competing performances that range from a drinking salute, to the construction of a baroque athletic éclair tower, to a celebration of Canadian ice-hockey aggression.  Viewers are meant to interact with all elements of So Sorry, finding sustenance in the process.

The balconies above the theatre contain witnesses to this meditation on apology:  on the first balcony are the media, and on the second balcony, are the all-seeing and all-knowing artists.  Viewers are welcome to infiltrate both of these constituencies.


 Photos by Ikonica